Dallas City Access Offering Stimulating Career Opportunities

Jon, President of Dallas City Access, announced that thanks to the success of the firm's expansion initiatives, there are several key openings that need to be filled. He then discussed the advantages of joining the team.

Jon is very excited about all the success that Dallas City Access experienced in 2018 and is looking forward to accomplishing even more in the new year. In order to make this vision a reality though, he will need to bring several new team members on board. As the firm continues to expand its influence and penetrate new markets, more innovative marketing professionals will be required to make sure that the company continues to provide the excellent customer service and brand representation for which it is known. 

While experience in sales and marketing is a plus, Jon notes that he is generally more concerned with soft skills when looking to add people to his team. For example, a track record of reliability and an appreciation for collaboration are both attractive traits. Also, those who know how to adapt to the evolving needs of customers in a fast-paced industry tend to thrive with Dallas City Access.

Training Provides a Competitive Advantage at Dallas City Access

The Dallas City Access learning system is really an entrepreneur training program, as it teaches associates how to think of themselves as business owners, and to treat their careers like start-ups. Sales and marketing analysts are taught how to manage business resources while gaining the skills needed to lead a team of their own as well. They also have access to a franchise-like model of growth that could eventually lead team members to open offices of their own one day. 

The entry-level development regimen gives new people the chance to hone basic sales and marketing techniques while also providing business 101 tips. This is provided through several different channels, including workshops, seminars, and classroom training, but most importantly Dallas City Access offers one-to-one coaching. Through this individualized support, the firm develops expertise in understanding consumer behavior and buying habits, navigating objections, gaining confidence, development sales strategies, public speaking, and even how to coach others. What’s even more exciting, according to Jon, is that while rookies are gaining valuable knowledge in a fun, relaxed environment, they are also enjoying competitive compensation as Dallas City Access offers paid training.

With this commitment to training, Jon and the Dallas City Access team are sure to hit – and even exceed – all their goals in the coming year. Visit the firm’s Careers page to learn more about joining.

About Dallas City Access:

Dallas City Access leads the way in interactive sales promotions. The team uses direct marketing expertise, high-level resources, and key partnerships to open new markets for businesses. These professionals showcase products live, creating connections between brands and buyers. Every campaign yields measurable returns. Dallas City Access’ industry success drives expansion for the firm and advancement for the team members. Learn more by going to dallascityaccess.com.

Source: Dallas City Access